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Philip manages a mid-size group of people within a complex corporation. This group is involved with handling large amounts of information on a daily basis. They have been getting poor reviews from other groups that they serve within the corporation. Both Philip and his group believe that they need some kind of software tool to fix this problem.


By observing people in their workplace environment, it became apparent that people were craving opportunities to talk with each other, face-to-face, to improve the flow and quality of communication. Options were lacking – not because of geographical limitations – but rather because of corporate culture, standards of operation and time pressures. In-depth interviews with people in the group and those they serve showed that more than 75% wanted frequent contact to work things out. These results pointed to the need for an organizational change that would require refining processes to facilitate
in-person communication, setting up channels of communication that made sense within the real-world workplace and proactively fostering an adaptive work environment.

What this means

Developing a tool may not always be the answer. Getting people to talk to each other within an organization and understand each others issues can bring the focus on the root of the problem – communication.

Humanize Technology helps you get to the root of the problem, know what the tradeoffs are, and how to make the most intelligent decision for your business.

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People Experience Benefits Methods Approach Contact Client Login
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